Kaitlyn's Orgasm Denial Essay #3

Tease and denial

Now this is my forte. They don’t necessarily have to go hand in hand. Sometimes you just want to be teased to an orgasm. Sometimes you want to be edged as much as possible before you explode. Other times you want to be teased so much that tempted as you stroke your cock to cum but are not allowed.

I like to listen to what you are saying to me when we go into a session. What do you want from this experience? What do you want me to do for you in the end? Are you willing to give me complete control over your cock and balls do do with as I see fit?

I typically do not like my toys to touch themselves in between our sessions. No cumming unless I give you permission and you will do it as I tell you. I want complete control. Your body will belong to me.

I will tease you with all the delights that fill your mind. The things that make you hard if you think of them for even a second and I will become the one thing you think about on a constant basis. The person to bring to these things a life of their own and use them to make you need me and want to please me.

You know you want to give yourself over into my hands. Stopped sitting there in fear of what may happen and just jump in “head” first. I’ll be gentle, well at first..