Kaitlyn's Orgasm Denial Essay #1

Orgasm Denial

What a sweet and delicious sound that has to it. To be denied that slow ache that has crept up your body. Your cock and balls aching for release, Then to be told no! Mmm that actually makes me a little hot, lucky I can cum whenever I want.

Watching, listening to you stroke your cock and making you edge for a very long time and saying no assures me that your balls are going blue and you will be begging to do anything for me to just let you have on release. Well that wouldn’t make me a very good Goddess now would it?

You have given yourself to me to be tormented and I want to see just how much of that pre-cum can build up before it is way to much for you to handle. Until you have turned into an almost blubbering mess. Begging me again and again.

The wonderful thing is you give yourself to me willingly for these tests of your strength, of manliness and a heightened state of pleasure. I’ll let you cum, eventually. It may be hours, days or possibly weeks but when you may just feel as if you have touched nirvana.

Stroke and beg, make me promises and swear your fealty to me. Look up to your goddess and let me take you on the roller-coaster ride of your life. Though because of your wood it might be a little bumpy.

Follow my rules and you will get everything you deserve.

Shall we begin?