Adults 18+ Only ENTER
EXIT Under 18 Must Exit


Welcome to Orgasm Denial Games.
I am Goddess Kaitlyn.

I am also your game master amusing myself with your tease and denial. So we will play many games of guided masturbation. Can you win? Be it a toss of the dice or the draw of a card. Your fate it up in the air.

The wonderful thing is there are so many games that you and I can play. All you have to be able to do is earn points with me. How many do you think you can earn? Get down there and please me. Worship my body from head to toe. Like a game of hide and seek, I will count and you will find out my hidden desires and what most pleases me.

When you ask for my permission to cum you may end up with Board Walk and have glorious release or Go to Jail Free and end up with denial or a ruined orgasm.

There are so many games I can play with you little toy. A turn of the wheel can decide you fate. A cock ring toss on camera might amuse me and earn you favor.

I hope you love to count and spell because you will be out of your mind when I playfully ask you to play a word game or count out the amount of strokes you have.

After all it is not always luck that allows you to win or lose the game. Often it is just one sensual domme and giving yourself over to her completely.

Why don’t you bring the 20 side die and I’ll make you toss it again and again... I’ll only allow you the amount of strokes rolled, but you may play this game as much as you like but the final outcome with be of my choosing.

Do you have what it takes to live up to my physical challenges,
can you cross the finish line as I race you toward a precipice?